LDJ004-AutoJare Electric Cordless Mini 4 Inch Portable Handheld Chainsaw with Safety Lock

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This mini cordless chainsaw frees your other hand, it can be operated with one hand, no need to drag the larger gasoline powered chainsaw in the yard, and no need to use expensive gasoline, it will revolutionize your original bulky way of working.

Additional information

Battery Capacity

2.0/3.0 Ah

Battery Series

MT Series




0.9 (KG)

Guide Plate Length

4/6 inch

Chain Speed


Maximum Cutting Thickness

about 80 (mm)/3.15 inch

Scope of Application

Tree Gardening Pruning, Bush Pruning, Branch Cutter, Outdoor Woodcutting



Product Detail

AutoJare mini chainsaw uses a more powerful pure copper motor. After deep quenching and hardening treatment, the 4-inch integrated guide plate and chain have high wear resistance and durability. With fast heat dissipation, cutting efficiency is higher.

We have equipped this mini chainsaw with a safety bezel and a safety lock, so you need to press the safety button and switch at the same time to start, which effectively protects your safety. Built-in control circuit board has an overload protection function, the motor will automatically stop working when it overheats, use it with more assurance and more security.

The cordless chainsaw is already installed, you only need to use the included wrench to turn the screws to adjust the tightness and finally tighten the screws. Please pay attention to the tightening of the chain, it is normal for the chain to slip after working. You can refer to the manual to know how to adjust the tightness of the chain.

This handheld chainsaw weighs only 0.9KG, compact size, one-handed operation, comfortable grip, anti-slip, and shock absorption, can be used for a long time without tired hands. The upgraded LED light function allows users to work in more scenarios.

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