LDZ1814-Wholesale High Quality Lithium Electric Screwdriver Rechargeable Cordles Drill

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Whenever you are looking for a power source in frustration, the cordless design of the electric drill is particularly important, you can place it in any position to perform the desired operation.

Additional information

Battery Capacity

1.5 Ah

Battery Series

DW Series





NO Load Speed

0-450/0-1200 rpm

Max Torque



3/8" (10mm)

Torque Setting


Scope of Application

SteelDrilling, Wood Drilling, Brick Drilling, Install/Unscrew Serews



Product Detail

* [ LED Lights ]
LED Work lights, high brightness, not easy to consume electricity, and high working efficiency. The operation can also be completed in a dark environment.
* [ Torque Adjustment ]
18+1 Torque, adjust the torque to a suitable position according to different work requirements, the larger the value, the stronger te torque.
* [ Cordless Design ]
Cordless design reduces the trouble caused by various complicated circuits in the work and provides the necessary mobility.
* [ Copper Motor ]
High power copper wire motor, strong power, fast drilling speed, effectively improve work efficiency.

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