How to choose an electric wrench?


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Electric spanners are powered or battery-operated spanners that are used to tighten bolts.
Specializing in the installation of high-strength bolts of steel structures, high-strength bolts are used to connect the joints of steel structures, usually in the form of bolts.

Use a force to pull the wrench gently and evenly. Never use a short, impulsive force to pull because the jerk will produce an impulse, and the screw or bolt may have twisted over the head at the moment of stopping the force.

Contaminants can prevent accurate torque values. If the parts and tapped holes are contaminants, they will not have the correct torque value.

Friction is a ubiquitous phenomenon, but it also has two effects. The good thing is to keep the parts together; the bad part is that it can have erroneous results when tightened. The machinist manually tightens the coupling force by 10-20% for tensioning, and in many cases, 40-50% of the torque is used to overcome the friction between the bolt head and the part and between the bolts. Additional friction is created by the mating thread surface of the screw hole. Therefore, all these friction factors and other factors should be taken into account when tightening the bolts.

When tightening nuts or bolts with damaged or obstructed threads, note how much additional torque is required to get through the damaged part and add this additional torque to the recommended torque value.

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