Impact wrench sleeve classification

Classification of socket wrenches from different aspects:1, according to the size of the sleeve (refer to the size of the square head) classification: 1/4″, 3 / 8″, 1/2″three specifications” is the meaning of inches,1″ is equal to 25.4MM; 2, according to the side of the sleeve classification: 6 angles, 12 angles, 4 angles; According to […]

What is the correct way to use Autojare’s multi-purpose electric wrench?

The novice has just purchased an electric wrench, and he must be baffled about his use.Understand how to use the multi-function electric wrench. First, the power supply connection First, put the host’s three-pin plug into the corresponding socket of the controller, and then connect the power cord on the controller to the grid. The green/yellow […]

You must pay attention to these points when using an electric wrench

Nowadays, the famous electric wrench is used in many fields, not only the car but also the use of fasteners everywhere in our daily life. The professional electric wrench needs to take advantage of it to reinforce the parts. In case of extraordinary accidents in future use. So what should you be aware of when […]

How to choose an electric wrench?

Electric spanners are powered or battery-operated spanners that are used to tighten bolts.Specializing in the installation of high-strength bolts of steel structures, high-strength bolts are used to connect the joints of steel structures, usually in the form of bolts. Use a force to pull the wrench gently and evenly. Never use a short, impulsive force […]

What is the meaning of specification of 1/2,3/8 and 1/4?

Electric drill and impact wrench have specification data of 1/2,3/8 and 1/4; do you know the meaning? It is the size of the socket wrench. The difference between a 1/2 size socket wrench and a 3/4 size socket wrench is the difference in size. The sleeve size is metric. Generally, 1/4 head, 3/8 head, 1/2 head […]

Introduction to electric hammers and precautions

Electric hammer This power tool is one of the indispensable powers in the decoration and construction industry. The electric hammer relies on rotational and percussive work, with a single striking force of 1,000 to 3,000 strokes per minute, which produces a significant percussive force. Electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials such […]

How to install Autojare Gas Chainsaw Chain

Other chain saw designs may differ slightly from the one we have used as an example here, but the chain saw design is very similar to the steps in this article and will help most chains saw owners, regardless of the model they own. The only tool required for this repair is the screwdriver most […]

What are the characteristics of a good electric hammer?

The domestic power tool industry is developing rapidly, and power tool manufacturers are springing up. There are many brands and types. How to find a good hammer in these brands, what factors do we need to consider? What are the characteristics of a good electric hammer? 1/ Charging electric hammer has multiple functions Electric hammer products need […]

How to start Autojare Gas Chainsaw

Chainsaws can sometimes be frustrating, complex machines to start. How easily a chainsaw starts can vary from season to season. In the summer, you may find there are no problems at all. But the winter brings various issues of its own, such as empty fuel lines, which make gas harder to move. Before you start, […]