How to choose the right chain saw size for your job ?


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The production of chainsaws makes gardening and sawing work more accessible, but have you really chosen the most suitable chain saw?

Occasional light use

In the description of chainsaws, the term “light use” covers tree and shrub pruning and general maintenance. The cutting bar of a light chain saw is usually less than 14 inches long.

Moderate use

If you intend to use a chainsaw for more gentle work than the occasional light cut, consider using a chainsaw with a 16 or 18 inch long cutting bar. Sometimes considered a general-purpose chain saw, this model is ideal for homeowners who use this tool to cut thick branches and logs.

Heavy-duty use

If you intend to use your chain saw on a regular and semi-regular basis for larger jobs, consider using a chain saw with a 20″ long cutting bar. These chain saws are designed for cutting large diameter timber, such as coarse trunks. Most homeowners do not need a chainsaw this large, but those who live in rural areas and do heavy-duty sawing in their property maintenance need a larger cutting surface.

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