What should you pay attention to when using an impact drill ?

In the course of use, we need to maintain and maintain the impact drill and follow the safety rules of the power tool and use the drill correctly. 1. When using, we must ensure that the working environment of the impact drill is not flammable. Explosive dangerous goods, 2. It is forbidden to use impact drills in […]

What is an impact wrench? What kind of most popular?

An impact spanner (also known as an impactor, impact gun, air spanner, air gun, rattle, torque gun, air gun) is a socket spanner power tool designed to provide a high torque output by storing energy with minimal consumption by the user A rotating mass is then suddenly transmitted to the output shaft. Compressed air is […]

Impact Wrenches replace Impact Drill – Get The Right Tool For Your Job

Get The Right Tool For Your Job DIY’ers woodworking enthusiasts had two options for new Electric power tools: impact drill and impact wrench。 However, they hesitate when choosing tools. Should I choose an impact drill or an impact wrench? Besides, there are so many brands and different prices, how to buy the one best suits you. Let me help […]

Electric wrenches Classification Application & Advantage

Electric wrenches Classification Application & Advantage Electric wrenches, also called electric torsion shear wrenches, as the name implies, are the necessary tools for helping you to install and remove screws and nuts and to control the tightening torque more accurately. The disassemble and assembly torque is large and safer than manual. Electric impact wrenches are convenient, […]

Introduction Electric Air Blower

Depending on the function, operation, drive power and use, blowers are also known as electric blowers, blowers, cleaners, hand blowers, blower vacuums, blower leaves, etc…… Clean your lawn, patio, deck, gutters, flower beds, home, computer, car and more with the Autojare F1801-15A10 cordless electric blower.  Easy to store and easy to use, thanks to the […]

What is the difference between an electric hammer and a percussion drill

Impact drills and electric drills are commonly used tools in building construction and home improvement, but for laypeople, it is not known when to use impact drills and when to use electric hammers. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the difference between the impact drill and the electric drill so that everyone can understand more. First of […]

What can I do if the drill does not go in?

When the impact drill uses the impact mode, everyone complains that the wall and concrete are too slow or drilled.The impact force of the impact drill is far less than that of the electric hammer. When using it, it must be forced to withstand. As long as it is not cast-in-place concrete, the following standard […]