How to improve the efficiency of the impact drill wall ?


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The YG8 alloy twist drill bit drills fast; as long as the electric hammer bit is 1/3 of the time, the brick wall is almost a top. Non-ceramic tiles are also drilled for a few seconds, but the twist drill is not worn. It is understood that YG8 alloy has ultra-high hardness and toughness, and the blade of this alloy twist drill is not as sharp as conventional twist drills. Therefore, it is not easy to wear. This kind of drill bit is fast because it has the dual advantages of twist drill and electric hammer drill in addition to chiseling and cutting! And the edge of the drill is very flat, and the hole in the tile is comparable to the glass hole opener, and the tile will never be broken! I thought to myself, can I drill the concrete, and the result is a failure? I can’t drill! This is the soft underbelly of the impact drill.

The following is the experimental result, drilling 5cM deep diameter 6MM hole, for reference only:

Impact drill+General drillImpact drill+YG8 alloy drill bitElectric hammer
Brick wall7Second2Second1.5Second
ceramic tile12Second4Second1Second
Mortar layer16Second7Second2Second

It seems that the electric hammer is the best, and the electric hammer is the first. However, the accuracy of the electric hammer is poor, the use is a higher skill, and it is too heavy (my 26 hammer weight is 4.5kG) and must be controlled by both hands. The impact drill is light and small (my 1.7kG), which can be controlled with one hand, and the flexibility is significantly increased. This is more obvious when used in a small space.

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