How to start Autojare Gas Chainsaw

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Chainsaws can sometimes be frustrating, complex machines to start. How easily a chainsaw starts can vary from season to season. In the summer, you may find there are no problems at all. But the winter brings various issues of its own, such as empty fuel lines, which make gas harder to move.

Before you start, you will need to set the main control lever to a cold start. You do this by pressing it down. The Master Control operates the choke, the on-off switch, and the throttle lock.

The chainsaw must be laid on a flat surface. If the cutter is in contact with the ground, it could lead to blunting and damage to the saw, and you also risk putting yourself in danger. Place your left hand on the crossbar, your right hand on the starter rope and push your right foot into the handle. This will stabilize the chain saw by putting it in a fixed position.
A loose chainsaw will move erratically when you try to start it, thus making the operation more difficult.
Below are steps for your reference.

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