Introduction to electric hammers and precautions

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Electric hammer This power tool is one of the indispensable powers in the decoration and construction industry. The electric hammer relies on rotational and percussive work, with a single striking force of 1,000 to 3,000 strokes per minute, which produces a significant percussive force.

Electric hammers require minimal pressure to drill into hard materials such as concrete and brick openings compared to impact drills.
Today we do not give a detailed introduction to the working principle of the electric hammer. Let’s find a hammer to learn about the use and precautions of the hammer.

The above two pictures are the physical picture of the electric hammer and the nameplate of the identification. As you can see from the diagram, this hammer uses 220v~240V, which is standard household electricity. The hammer power is 600W, the maximum speed is 1400 rpm, and the impact frequency is 4500.

This kind of electric hammer uses a bit is around the shank groove. The physical picture is as shown below; 14mm, 12mm, 10mm, 9mm, 8mm, 6mm. These drill bits are commonly used in production work. One of the biggest ones is the square handle groove, which cannot be used.

The electric hammer is a kind of consumption type of electric tool. Mastering the correct use method of the electric hammer can improve the service life of the electric hammer and prolong the use time of the electric hammer.

  1. Before using the Autojare electric hammer, carefully observe the identification plate of the electric hammer to see if the voltage complies and ensure that the electric hammer is not faulty.
  2. When the electric hammer is working, it is strictly forbidden to rotate the function handle to convert the rotation speed, forward and reverse rotation.
  3. When using a brushless electric hammer, use protective equipment such as a protective cover.

4, the electric hammer is a tool for intermittent operation, can not work continuously for a long time to not damage the tool.

  1. When the electric hammer is completed, the power button should not be released immediately. Instead, the drill should be pulled out of the hole while the drill bit is kept rotating, and then the power button should be released. Otherwise, the drill bit may be stuck in the hole and cannot be pulled out. If the drill is stuck in the hole, it is strictly forbidden to press the power switch again to start the hammer. Otherwise, severe damage may occur, such as damage to the hammer, which may cause serious injury to the user. At this point, the drill must be disengaged from the hammer and then the drill bit removed by other means.

6, the use of electric hammers should also pay attention to the use of the environment and temperature, such as in the colder climate, should be idle for two minutes before use, do not block the hammer cooling vent in the process of drilling.

Use a hammer to be careful to prevent injury. Cause unnecessary damage.

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