What should I do if the the hammer has a mechanical failure? How to repair it?


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The performance of mechanical failure is that there is no impact and impact.

The main reason for not impacting is the aging of the rubber ring on the piston and the hammer.

The inspection method is as follows: the large cylinder is erected, and the mouth is facing downwards. For example, the ram can be freely dropped, indicating that the rubber ring is aging.

When the rubber ring is aging, it can hear the sound of the piston and the hammer colliding. After the disassembly, the end face of the piston and the hammer can be bright, and the short or oil-free impact of the seed may cause the impact to be weak.

If the above conditions are normal and there is no impact, check the large cylinders to see any cracks.

If the motor turns after starting, the hammer will turn, but the compression sound will not be heard. It may be that the connecting rod is broken or the eccentric wheel is broken.

If the motor rotates after starting, the hammer does not turn, and the compressed sound is not heard. It may be that the primary wheel is damaged or the shaft of the rotor is broken.

Then there is the broken tooth, which is manifested as turning into powerlessness or not turning.

There is also a particular focus – the bond breaks. The gears and shafts are tightly glued together due to intense friction. It is difficult to notice that the keys are broken during the inspection, but they cannot work correctly after being loaded.

Before replacing the new parts, ensure that the faults are clean and clean so that other faults can be found in time.

The needle bearing in the middle cover must be used well. If the product is damaged, the shaft with the first stage wheel and the rotor will be damaged.

Finally, if you can’t do it, you can remove the standard hammer and look at each component’s typical “station.” A comparison can show the difference.

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