What should you pay attention to when using an impact drill ?


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In the course of use, we need to maintain and maintain the impact drill and follow the safety rules of the power tool and use the drill correctly.

1. When using, we must ensure that the working environment of the impact drill is not flammable. Explosive dangerous goods,

2. It is forbidden to use impact drills in the rain, in some very humid rooms, or in other dangerous working environments.

3. Before use, to avoid the necessary accidents, we need to check whether the impact drill is intact, whether the power cord is damaged, whether there is a rubber sheath at the contact between the power cord and the body. If an abnormality is found, it cannot be used,

4, due to the different manufacturers of impact drills, so the parameters of the impact drill, the rated voltage is also slightly different, we need to connect the power according to the rated voltage, select the appropriate drill bit, adjust the button, will be ready to work Do an excellent job before you can start work. ,

5. Before the drill is drilled, first press the shift switch first, hit a center point to avoid the drill slip off the center, and it is easy to guide the drill to complete the punching operation in the normal position. If you are concerned about the slippage of the drill bit, we can also put a self-adhesive paper on the drill hole first to prevent the drill bit from slipping.

6. Before the power drill is turned on, do not put the switch in the position of self-locking. In addition, we need to install the leakage protector by using the hand drill and the impact drill.

7, turn on the power to start the switch, do not press the switch when the power is not plugged in,

8. When working, you need to hold the handle of the impact drill, do not relax.

9. When punching, to make it more convenient to use, we should first put the drill bit on the surface of the workpiece and then start the impact drill. Pay attention to the force. First, press the shape of the small hole and then force it to deepen. During the process of the hole, avoid shaking. If the speed is sharply increased, it is necessary to reduce the force and prevent the motor from overloading.

10. If the impact drill is 40% continuous working, then we have to use the impact drill continuously for a long time according to the actual situation of the impact drill.

11. If we need to punch holes of 25mm or more, we need to work on a stable working platform. The ground level is smooth and free of debris. If it is in the sky, the guardrail needs to be set around.

12. When drilling, it is strictly forbidden to use the pressure of the wooden bar to operate the impact drill. The impact frequency of the impact drill is large or small, but the mandatory requirement is to increase the drilling speed of the impact drill

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