What is the difference between an electric hammer and a percussion drill


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Impact drills and electric drills are commonly used tools in building construction and home improvement, but for laypeople, it is not known when to use impact drills and when to use electric hammers. Today, Xiaobian will introduce the difference between the impact drill and the electric drill so that everyone can understand more.

First of all, one of the differences between the impact drill and the electric hammer is that the impact drill wall is slower. It can’t penetrate the wall, but it is better than the electric hammer when hitting the iron and hitting the wood.

Impact drills are suitable for use on stone and concrete and can be rotated or impacted. The electric hammer works by rotating and beating. And its single slap force is also very high. Compared to impact drills, electric hammers use a minimum of pressure to drill into hard materials. They have cylinders, and impact drills do not. If you punch holes in the wall, it would be better to use a hammer.

The electric hammer can be used as a chisel and only for hammering work, while the impact drill is impactful and can be used as an electric drill. The impact drill is mainly a turn, with slight vibration, can only be drilled in a relaxed place, such as a brick wall, and the hammer has a strong vibration, can be used on the cement wall. The hammer has a larger volume, weight and power than the impact drill.

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