What is the difference between the drill bit of an electric hammer and an electric drill ?


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The drill bit is roughly divided into a twist drill bit and a hammer drill bit (also a glass drill bit, etc., the principle is similar).

The twist drill has a sharp blade. It can only drill metal, wood, plastic and other non-brittle things by rotating the cutting motion. The knife edge will be blunt and even collapse if the concrete is drilled with a twist drill.

The electric hammer drill has no blade. There is only a 135-degree angle alloy chisel. The chiseling object drills the hole. The rotation is for discharging powder and debris, and it is to cut a circular hole. This property determines that the hammer bit can only deal with objects with high hardness and brittleness, such as concrete, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. If the wood is drilled with an electric hammer, the wood will be broken.

The impact drill is equipped with a twist drill, and the electric drill mode is a slightly clumsy drill. It can drill metal, wood, plastic, and of course, the support of the drill bit. The general high-speed steel twist drill can handle things other than stainless steel.

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