What is the difference between electric drill, hand electric drill and percussion drill


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We will give a detailed explanation of the difference between the impact drill and the electric drill, and the hand drill. Their primary purpose, and what kind of tools we want to buy under what circumstances,

What is an electric drill:

An electric drill is a tool for drilling holes in various materials such as metal, plastic, wood, etc. It is a rotary tool equipped with a drill chuck for drilling, and the opening is achieved by continuous rotation.

Generally, it is limited to materials such as metal, plastic, and Kimura. It has no impact capability and is small in power, volume and shape.

What is a hand drill:

A hand drill is also a tool for drilling holes in metal, plastic, wood, etc. It can also be punched on some crispy tiles, replaced with a batch of heads, and can also be rotated with screws, with glass drill bits, walls, tiles Drilling holes in glass, low power, small size and shape,

What is an impact drill:

Impact drills, also known as electric impact drills, are a type of tool designed for drilling holes in concrete, masonry and similar materials. They have a similar structure to electric drills but have an internal impact mechanism. Under the action of axial external force, the rotary output spindle generates axial impact motion.

It can have an auxiliary device that does not move the impact mechanism and is used for ordinary electric drills. The power is immense, and some hard materials such as concrete and masonry are used.

A tool that can be drilled is smaller than the electric hammer and has more significant power than the electric drill. The volume and weight are lighter than the electric hammer, and the volume is slightly larger than that of the electric drill. Generally, most household punching selects the impact drill.

How to choose between electric drill, hand drill and impact drill:

As the saying goes, “There is a division of labor in the industry, and each product has its greatest strengths. The tools are irreplaceable in wood. Drilling holes in metal and plastic, an electric drill is undoubtedly the best tool. On the brick wall, it is best to choose the impact drill on the lightweight concrete.

If you need to screw, you can also choose a hand drill; although the electric drill can also Screw can also be drilled, but both the power and performance, the effect is not as good as the hand drill.

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