Impact Wrenches replace Impact Drill – Get The Right Tool For Your Job


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Get The Right Tool For Your Job

DIY’ers woodworking enthusiasts had two options for new Electric power tools: impact drill and impact wrench。

However, they hesitate when choosing tools. Should I choose an impact drill or an impact wrench? Besides, there are so many brands and different prices, how to buy the one best suits you.

Let me help you today through the comparison of the Autojare impact drill and impact wrench.

In general, impact wrenches are heavier, bulkier, and more potent (have more torque) than impact drills.

Impact wrench torque is more considerable than impact drills, .so Impact wrenches are much more potent than impact drills.

Impact drill used for driving screws, fasteners, higher speed for drilling.

Impact wrench used for automotive repair, restoration, removing lug nuts, frame/chassis bolts, etc., in needed extreme torque situation.

They are equipped with different drives for different working directories. Impact spanners use a square driver (usually ½”) to loosen/tighten the socket, while most impact drills use a ¼” hexagonal driver to drive the screw.

However, the ¼” impact drill can easily be converted to a ½” square drive using a simple adapter bit, allowing you to use it with a sleeve drive.

So the bottom line is, impact wrenches are much more potent than impact drivers. However, most typical DIY’ers will not find much use for the insanely high torque these wrenches put out.

Impact drivers are much more practical tools for the average user, and with a standard hex to square drive adapter bit, they can easily be converted into an impact wrench and used with socket drivers.

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